Client Interview: Tallene Hacatoryan with HealthyMeOC

As we take our first steps into the new calendar year, many of us want to feel refreshed, renewed and healthy.


Tallene Hacatourian has been inspiring her rapidly growing online community to pursue their health in a huge way for the past year!

I love photographing clients who are passionate about what they do. It’s wonderful when we can learn from each other and create together. It also helps me translate their unique business personality into imagery so they feel perfectly represented. Excited about what I learned, I wanted to share a little bit of what Tallene does with you all.

Yeran: Tallene, what are you most excited about professionally in 2019?

Tallene: I’m very excited for 2019 because honestly I don’t know what’s ahead with my business and it’s kind of thrilling! I have goals, such as starting a youtube channel, which I can’t wait to delve into. I also look forward to doing more public speaking in my area and continuing to grow my business. I look back on last year and I feel like my first year of business surpassed any of my expectations. I’m really passionate about my career and I think that that fire really drives me forward. Whenever I feel anxious about what’s going to happen next, I fall back on that thought.

Yeran: Do you have any personal goals or resolutions this year?

Tallene: I have a personal goal of really enjoying the moment and being proud of myself instead of worrying about the “what ifs.”  I think with running your own business, there’s a lot of pressure and it’s hard to sit down and tell yourself “good job” because your always thinking “what’s next? Don’t get too comfortable!” I put in my best effort, go with the flow and really appreciate everything, or else it’s not worth it!

Yeran: You told me on our shoot together that you’ve had massive growth on instagram since narrowing your target market to helping those with PCOS weight loss, something that you really related to on a personal and professional level. Can you expand on that?

Tallene: Getting into a niche, PCOS weight loss, has really helped my business grow because I can reach more people and help them with a specific topic that I have experience with and spend every minute learning more about. Finding a niche has pushed me to create a course, 3 Steps to PCOS Weight Loss, and it’s impacted more people than if I had just created a general weight loss program. It’s very difficult to grow your business when you're trying to reach a broad audience and cater to everyone.

Yeran: You provide a lot of realistic advice for busy people to get healthier on your instagram stories. How long do you expect clients to spend meal planning each week?

Tallene: I typically recommend clients to spend a few hours (3-5) during the weekend to meal plan, only if they want to. If they don’t have time, they need to realize this and devise a plan, whether it is a meal delivery service or buying pre packaged food. Meal planning isn’t for everyone, although it’s a great skill to have!

Yeran: Newport is a beautiful city! What’s your favorite spot to get a GF, DF meal out?

Tallene: Yes! I love eating at True Foods! Whenever someone asks me where I want to eat, I almost always say that. They have a great menu, and I love their philosophy regarding the anti-inflammatory diet. 

Yeran: I have a slow juicer that I love, but try to limit my juice intake since it can be really high glycemic index. Do you have any recipes to share for a low GI juice?

Tallene: Yum! I like to juice cucumber, kale, lemon and a green apple. It’s low in sugar and tastes a bit like lemonade.

Tallene is a Registered Dietician with a M.S in Nutrition and Dietetics who has a clinic in Newport Beach. She’s helped hundreds of clients achieve their heath goals through her courses and one-on-one sessions. She has also specialised in helping women with PCOS, a complicated metabolic disorder that affects many women and often goes years undiagnosed. You can follow her on Instagram at @pcos.weightloss and check our her website here.

Yeran Terzian